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Enterprise introduction

Wentong Group Real Estate Company was established in 2009 according to model structure of incorporated company. Board of directors and board of supervisors are organized to play their responsibility and authority. There are several real estate development companies, such as, Shanghai Yuhoutai Properties Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kuntai Real Estate Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinwen Properties Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fuyou Real Estate Real Estate Co., Ltd. Over past 6 years of operation, our company has built Wentong Villas、Wentong Mansion、Wentong International Plaza、Wentong Garden Apartment and some other projects.

Fierce competition and extensive cooperation is the theme of our era. A company will never be successfully if it cannot grasp this theme. Rapid development and expansion of real estate company is from standard and scientific management, and construction of modern management system.

Over the years, our company implements special enterprise culture of “scientific decision-making, innovative management, long-term supervision and harmonious development” to develop high-quality and professional service team.

Real estate agency shoulders heavy responsibilities to face constant change of global market. Our development goal for the future is medium and high quality of residential quarter, commercial office. We expect to become a distinctive real estate developer and service provider, and to become a famous company based on Shanghai, radiated to Yangtze River Della and spread to the whole country, to become a well-know real estate company in Shanghai with certain market share.