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Wentong Potassium Salt Group Co.,Ltd.

The origin of "wen tong" and the explanation of the trademark
“WT”in trademark is abbreviation of “Wentong”. The circle formed by the letter “W”and” T” represents the good vision that “Wentong” brand sylvite products will be on sale in whole world and the determination of striving to become leading company in world sylvite industry. “Wentong” literally means that the company develops from Wenshui to the world and communicates with the world and future through culture communication. 60 years ago, Wentong Group was established in Wenshui of Shanxi Province and then moved to Taiyuan and Shanghai, realizing triple jump from county to provincial capital and to cosmopolis. Wentong brand potassium carbonate, potassium nitrate , calcium ammonium nitrate and other potash products have become well-known brand in the potash industry. With its excellent product quality and good service Wentong wins recognition and praise from domestic and international business. The leap development trajectory is not only the reflection of enterprise strength, but also the positioning of the long-term development goal of the enterprise, which further confirms the mission of the establishing "Wentong" brand.

Wentong culture
Scientific decision-making, innovative management, long-term supervision and harmonious development

Scientific decision-making means that the decision-making of the board of directors should be scientific, rely on everyone's wisdom, take into account the actual situation of enterprise development, and follow the trend to avoid making wrong decisions that related to enterprise development.
Innovation management refers to the management should be innovative. Only by relying on technological innovation, institutional innovation, mechanism innovation and concept innovation, can the enterprise keep pace with the times.
Long-term supervision means that supervision from the board of supervisors shall ensure long-term effectiveness. Through such system and mechanism interests of shareholders and enterprise can be effectively protected.
Harmonious development means that the enterprise advocates harmonious, stable, people-oriented development and creates a pleasant working environment, improves employee satisfaction, stimulates employee potential, and makes employees feel proud and proud at work, so as to achieve the goal of seek improvement in stability, innovation and harmonious development of the enterprise.

Life: gratitude, kindness, tolerance
Enterprise: earnest, dedicated and persistent
Working with partners: principles, cooperation, compromise