About Us

Origin of “Wentong” and “Wentong” trademark
WT in trademark is abbreviation of “Wentong”. The circle formed by WT represents that our company expects “Wentong” brand sylvite products will be on sale in whole world and create leading company in world sylvite industry. And “Wentong” literally means the company opens to the world through Wenshui and means communicate with the world and future through culture communication. 50 years ago, Wentong Group was built in Wenshui of Shanxi and then moved to Taiyuan and Shanghai, realizing triple jump from county to provincial capital and to cosmopolis. “Wentong” brand has become world famous brand of kali salt products, for example, potassium carbonate, nitrate of potash, calcium nitrate and potash fertilizer.

Wentong culture
Scientific decision-making, innovative management, long-term supervision and harmonious development
Scientific decision-making refers that board of directors make scientific decision on intelligence of all people and based on practical condition of the group and demands of time, to make sure there is no serious mistake.
Innovative management means that management level should build management system based on technology innovation, system innovation and mechanism innovation and perception innovation with the flow.
Long-term supervision: Board of supervisors should implement long-term and efficient supervision system and measures to maintain benefit of shareholders and the group.
Harmonious development: The group promotes harmonious and steady development. We create pleasant and people-oriented working environment. We make efforts to promote employee satisfaction and stimulate staff potentials.
Be a man: feel grateful, being virtuous and sincere
Be a company: conscientious, dedicated
Be a partner: cooperative