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The development course of wentong group is a history of continuous breakthrough and innovation, a history of making and pursuing enterprise goals, dealing with the whole market with creative thinking, being brave to go beyond ourselves, doing things that others cannot do, finding values that others cannot find and creating achievements that others cannot create.

Startup from Wenshui - find the right breakthrough, lay the foundation of enterprise development
Wenshui County Chemical Factory, the predecessor of wentong group, is a small collective enterprise of county level. With outdated production technology, low output and high cost, it was on the verge of collapse. Under Li gang’s leadership we deeply realized that we should get rid of the predicament. At that time, there was not a chemical enterprise in the country to master the application, they began to undergo test work night and day, carrying out a lot of painstaking renovation. At that time, the entire factory worked whole-hearted to update the original technology. After much research, numerous experiments and a great deal of effort, all efforts were rewarded. In 1985, the first ion exchange process to produce potassium nitrate was successfully tested in Wenshui County Chemical Factory,  having production cost of potassium nitrate reduced by 400 yuan per ton, the monthly output increased by 15 times, and the product quality greatly improved. The rate of qualified products per input was over 95%
The production cost of potassium nitrate was reduced by 400 yuan per ton, the monthly output was increased by 15 times, and the product quality was greatly improved. The rate of qualified products per input was over 95%. This milestone success is a stable start which brought the factory’s business back to life.
In 1986, Wenshui County Chemical Factory began to develop new products in high demand. In the second half of the year, after abundant research, the leaders concluded that the market demand for potassium carbonate would increase. Therefore, after repeated research and discussion, the leaders made the decision to produce potassium carbonate through ion exchange method. After hundreds of tests, potassium carbonate production method reform succeeded in October 1987.
The successful experiment and application of ion-exchange method is the first step to revitalize Wentong. However, with the increase of market demand, the market competition becomes more and more intense, and how to break through the invincible position in the market competition has become the first priority for the enterprises. In 1989, li gang, chairman of Wentong group and director of Wenshui County Chemical Factory, went to Australia and southeast Asia and other potash exporting countries for a one-month inspection visit. Through communication with foreign customers and peers, li gang keenly captured the trend of global manufacturing industry transfer. Through careful consideration after returning to China, li gang put forward the comprehensive development idea of refinement of product development, scale of production and operation, joint-stock development of the group, and cross-regional and cross-line diversification. Centering on the two main industries of potassium carbonate and potassium nitrate, aiming at the foreign market and the domestic high-end market, adapting to the market ,persisting in the technical innovation, promoting the technical progress,we produce the color tube grade potassium carbonate, granular potassium nitrate and other products with international level, and realize the product upgrade. It has laid a solid foundation for the enterprise to expand reproduction and realize leap development.
The mass production of color tube grade potash is an organic combination of market and technology. Finally, in 1995, the color tube grade potassium carbonate was successfully produced by ion exchange method, transforming this national torch program project more directly and rapidly into real productivity. In the following years, the company continued to carry out large-scale technical transformation to fully tap the potential of the original equipment, which enabled the group to form an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons and become a large potash producer with industry competitiveness.
The development of granule potassium nitrate which become the knock-out product of the group has filled the domestic blank. In 1998, the group began to develop new granular potassium nitrate products, and achieved success. . At the same time, the group reviewed the situation, comprehensively analyzed and mastered the product market demand and market trend, actively and steadily carried out technical transformation of granular potassium nitrate products on the original production line, expanded the production scale of granular potassium nitrate, and made targeted improvement on its process during the transformation. Now it has a production capacity of 100,000 tons granule potassium nitrate, forming economies of scale.
Settle down in Taiyuan -- Establish modern enterprise system, Step forward to scale production
In 1988, the company had a relatively strong self-owned capital and economic strength, as well as a certain capacity to expand reproduction and investment. Instead of increasing investment, building new plants and production lines to expand the production scale, the company relied on its own brand, talent and technological advantages to strengthen its power through mergers and joint operations.
In 1988, the wenshui county chemical plant merged with the seriously loss-making and moribund Wenshui County State-owned Chemical Factory ,3 months after which the state-owned enterprise was brought back to life with an earning of 70000 yuan that year. Then it has merged the indebted Wenshui Chemical Plant and Wenshui Chemical Fertilizer Plant in the state of discontinuation, semi – discontinuation. By usingn their original plant equipment and Wentong’s advanced management and technical means, they successfully produced products popular in market and turned the loss into profit.
In order to seek greater development space, while annexing loss-making enterprises, Wenshui County Chemical Factory went out of Lvliang mountain, and kept eyes on the whole Shanxi Province to seek resource complementarity in the whole province and give full play to its advantages of intangible assets such as technology, management, brand and personality. By joint operation with the Taiyuan Yangjiayu and other units, Wenshui County Chemical Factory built Dongxing Chemical Plant, with Taigu 753, built the Wentai Chemical Plant
With the deepening of China's market economy, the old enterprise system has lagged far behind for meeting the requirements of market environment changes.
In 1992, Shanxi Wentong Potassium Salt Group Co., Ltd was set up and became the first to set up a joint-stock potassium carbonate workshop among chemical factories in Wenshui county. Advanced operating system has brought the group to extraordinary development. In 1997, Wentong Group was recognized as "National Large Second File Enterprise" by relevant state ministries and commissions becoming a large, low-cost enterprise with industrial competitive advantage and china's potash industry group leader enterprise
"The biggest and the better” is a development strategic adjustment put forward by group leaders after the enterprise becomes large.  Its main competitors are no longer domestic potash peers, but well-known international potash producers such as HAIF in Israel, SQM in Chile and UNID in South Korea. In order to compete in the international market, Wentong not only needs to be bigger, but also needs to be stronger. In order to be stronger, its product structure must be adjusted. Therefore, in early 2000, the group proposed to gradually shrink small enterprises and strive to achieve sales of 500 million yuan in 2001. Six enterprises were successively closed, stopped, merged and transferred, and the group invested 150 million yuan at the same time to update seven enterprises’ technical in large-scale. By the end of the year, three enterprises, including Zhenxing Company, Jintai Company, Huozhou Wentong, with sales of up to 100 million yuan, and three enterprises, including Kaile Company, Sida Company, and Xingwu Company, with sales of up to 50 million yuan, have initially pushed the company to become stronger.
Moving headquarters to Shanghai
On May 2001, upon the strategic idea of Creating International Group, Dominating International Market stated by Mr. Li Gang, headquarters along with marketing center of Wentong Group is moved to Pudong New Area, Shanghai, which is endowed with geo-economic advantage and policy advantage as the window of global marketing. The move is certain to promote the construction of production base in Shanxi, and to form the complementary relationship between the production base in Shanxi and the marketing center in Shanghai.
Since the move of headquarters, the structure of marketing window in Shanghai and production base in Shanxi is formed. These years are rapid development years for Wentong, During those years, the economic output of Wentong arises dramatically, structure is further optimized, main business is fortified, export is 2.6 times than year 2000 of pre-moving. Chemical products of Wentong group is popular among 40 odd countries and regions. Throughout international market, quantity, quality and sales of potassium nitrate is strong rival of competitors in the same field.
Wentong group originated from Wenshui, Shanxi, then moved to provincial capital and metropolis. The leaping development of the group stands for its strength also represents the long-term goal that the enterprise pursues. This is the effective combination between  soft resource in Shanghai and hard resource in Shanxi under the strategic geo-economic idea of the group. So in the decision of moving headquarters, the production base is not moved because it has its own advantage compared to headquarters in aspect of geography. The reallocation of factory and headquarters is just like what Mr. Li Gang said: Rooting in Shanxi, Fruiting in Shanghai.
Once basic structure was formed, the group started a new undertaking based on co-generation projects as to optimizing industrial structure, to promote industrial upgrade and to pursue sustainable development. In order to realize this target, leaders of Wentong group integrated resources across the country and sought for cooperation partners. Finally, they found the biggest production base of potassium chloride in China -- Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Group. In Phase 1, 0.8 billion RMB was invested into Chemical Park in Baijinbu, Lvliang, Shanxi to achieve production of 0.1 million tons potassium nitrate, 50 thousand tons potassium carbonate and 0.6 million coking products.
The cooperation with Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Group is real win-win alliance. Both parties share their own advantages, such as coal in Shanxi is cost-effective and potassium chloride in Qinghai is cost-effective. So based on advantageous raw materials, the alliance can scientifically control production, logistics and industrial chain.
Currently, Phase 1 project has been completed, production began since the end of 2003, which lead to new income 1 billion RMB, profit and tax 0.2 billion RMB, this further strengthens the potassium nitrate and potassium carbonat of Wentong group in worldwide competition.Meanwhile, the cooperation of Phase 2 between two parties is response to China West Development. Both parties invested 1.8 billion RMB to this project in Qinghai by taking advantage of West Development policies. Once the Phase 2 begins production, 120 thousand tons potassium hydroxide, 80 thousand potassium carbonate, 100 thousand PVC, 90000kw generating sets will be ready. It is expected to increase sales of 1.5 to 2 billion Yuan for the group.

Transformation Development--transformation from potash to various fields
There is a saying: it’s easier to start a business than to keep it. The eternal power of development for a corporate is constant fostering new industries and encouraging independent innovation. Transformation is a must-be question to every entrepreneur when running a business. The way to transformation is another pivotal question during the process of transformation from traditional industry to anther.
After headquarters resettled in Shanghai, based in self-advantage and industry basis, back grounded by relevant national industry policies, Wentong group stated strengthening Four Transformations, building up One Base Four Lines. Four Transformation means transformation from single potash industry to competitive based diverse developments, from manufacturing industry to integration of manufacturing and finance; from traditional marketing enterprise to modern comprehensive trading enterprise, from extensive management to intensive, refined, scientific modern management system. One Base means the basic industry of potash manufacturing and processing, Four Lines mean potash industry, comprehensive trade industry, real estate industry, finance industry. Strengthening Four Transformations, building up One Base Four Lines are the way Wentong group will go in future.
"We belongs to traditional industries, yet traditional industries are not burdens, but the most important resources for the transformation and development.” In 2008, the group took another pioneering step, establishing Shanghai Mintai Investment Co., LTD. (renamed as Shanghai Mintai Investment (Group) Co., LTD. in 2013) by taking advantage of the solid foundation built in Shanghai to enter the real estate field. In 2009, Wentong Group obtained the block of 31 in the central area of Yangpu district in Shanghai through bidding, opening a new chapter in the real estate industry. The project, with a total investment of 1.5 billion Yuan, consists of two class A office buildings and two well-decorated residential buildings, with a total construction area of 98,000 square meters, which is a key project supported by Yangpu district. The construction started in 2012 and was completed in 2014. Wentong group made persistent efforts to win the Yangpu District 149 plot, that is, Wentong International Plaza Project. Wentong International Plaza is located in "Yangpu International Bay Area Main Economic Development Area - East Bund Riverside Belt", closed to the Central Ring Road, enjoying superior geographical position and good regional development prospect. The total investment of the project is 2 billion Yuan, with a total construction area of 80,000 square meters and a supporting public green space of 7,000 square meters. The project started construction in 2013 and completed in 2017. In may of that year, the headquarter of Wentong Group was relocated to Wentong International Plaza, which was not only real estate destocking, but also played a pioneering role in the economic development of the region. The successful construction of the two projects in Yangpu not only fills the blind spot of the group in the field of real estate development, but also lays a solid foundation for the further development of the group in this field . In 2016, the group expanded its real estate development channels, went out of Yangpu, and acquired the project of Shanghai Jiading Wentong Jiayuan in grand hongqiao board in the form of listing transfer, and explored new real estate economic growth point. Just a few short years, the group through constant exploration and efforts, relying on strong capital strength and modern scientific management methods, in line with the real estate development concept of innovative design, complete functions, exquisite environment,, high starting point, high standard, high grade, took a place in real estate industry and now is heading towards a stronger and bigger strategic direction in a steady pace.
In 2012, along with the beginning of construction of block 31, under the guidelines of adjusting industry structures and building up diverse industries, Wentong group includes downstream industry of real estate--property management service into corporate. In 2012, Shanghai Tongmin Property Management Company was founded, which majors in management of self-own properties. With the management idea of service brings value, service wins respect, service creates brand, Wentong group realizes integration of real estate development and property management service, which works out condition of preservation and appreciation of self-developed projects and promotes long-term development of real estate industry of Wentong.
In 2011, Shanghai International Mining Exchange was founded by Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange, Shanghai Mintai Investment Company, Shanghai Yangpu Science-Technology Investment & Development Compnay and Shanghai Zunyu Industry Investment Company. The Exchange symbolizes another meaningful leap of Wentong group. The Exchange, as the domestic platform of searching for overseas mining rights, is open to global mining resources market. Meanwhile, the Exchange also offers services to domestic companies, such as consulting, assessment, investment & financing. Based on industry, back grounded by finance, the group will promote domestic and international integration of industry and finance, aiming to build financial capital service platform of promoting enterprise innovation.
In 2015, Wentong group entered catering business. Self-developed high-end business restaurant Hantang Pinyue Yangpu No. 1 Branch started business. Then, Shanxi handmade noodle featured Hantang Maidao and cafeteria-characteristic Wentong Xiaochu started business successively. Wentong catering business covers high-end, mid-end and common catering fields.
Throughout the successful enterprises at home and abroad, there is always a correct development strategy and a profound corporate culture. It can be said that strategy is the direction, the goal of sustainable and stable development of enterprises; culture is the guarantee and foundation of uncompromising implementing strategic thinking. Only when culture guided by strategy and strategy supported by culture, it’s possible for company to leap again and again. The development history of Wentong group is guided by Chairman Li Gang, the soul of Wentong group, aimed to build international level group and dominate international market, developed under guidelines of scientific decision, innovative management, long-term monitor, harmonious development, powered by advanced technology, and updated products. After continuous effort, it takes decades for Wentong group to develop from individual workshop of Lvliang Mountain to Shanghai-headquartered large comprehensive enterprise group.