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Ideology :

Wentong is a big family composed of various talents from different areas. The Group ' s rapid development is the result of joint efforts of all staff. We cherish employees as the most valuable treasure and willing to attract excellent and potential talents. At the same time, we will provide the stage to every employee to exert his capability and hope every one will develop well in the company. The saying that "You are always regarded as the people of Wentong once you step into its office conveys the essence of its culture.
Wentong insists on the appointment standard of moral first and competency second. Develop famous band products to inspire every employee the feeling of honor. Promote company spirit of " Good faith and solidarity, hardship and endeavor, keen reform, pioneering and enterprising " Take care of every employee, solve the practical problems of every employee and foster the capability of every employee. Insist on the principle of democracy, equality, competitiveness and efficiency regarding the labor and HR policy and distribution system. Creat a good work environment for the staff. Develop a loyal team and make them grow with the company.
The employees are always regarded as the main body in Wentong Group. The company realizes that the strategic goal of internationalization needs talents with internationalized qualification and competitiveness. We advocate every employee to melt his personal value to Wentong ' s enterprise. At the same time, we call for the staff to develop their competitive awareness of learning for life. The rapid development of Wentong is originated from creative thinking and decision, which makes the company vigorous all the time.

The people of Wentong we are cultivating and seeking:
The talents who own core competency and can fit the company quickly.
Behavior: Honest and reliable, cooperative and good at learning
Work: Serious, creative and excellent.

Our HR goal: "Provide talents for the development of the Group. Provide a good work environment and development space for every employee. "
We earnestly waiting for you to join us. Let ' s build Wentong to be a competitive multi-national enterprise with our joint efforts.