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Wentong Potassium Salt Group Co., Ltd.(Wentong Group) is the largest manufacturer of Potassium Carbonate in the world and the largest producer of Potassium Nitrate in China.

Wentong Group has had the history of whole 50 years. Like many other Chinese enterprises, it grows up along with the construction of the country and develops promptly in China’s reforming and opening up to the outside world. The predecessor of the group, Shanxi Wenshui Chemical Factory and Shanxi Wentong Potassium Salt Co., Ltd., comparatively early and completely transferred from a state-owned enterprise to a stock-joint company with a modern enterprise system. The Group relies on system advantage, technical advantage and cultural advantage, combining the exceptional coal resource advantage, walked out from Wenshui County of Shanxi, moved to Taiyuan - the provincial capital city of Shanxi, and then settled in Pudong New District of Shanghai.

In 2003, Wentong Group began to cooperate with nationwide biggest industrial base of potash fertilizer—Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Group and formed the enterprise organization structure of headquarter and marketing center in Shanghai, production base and technical R&D in Shanxi, resource and development extended to Qinghai. And now Wentong has around 4,000 employees with CNY 1.2 billion of total asset. The annual capacities of Potassium Carbonate reached 150,000 ton and the annual capacities of Potassium Nitrate reached 200,000 ton. And by-product of Ammonium Chloride reached 200,000 ton per year. In 2005, the group realized the CNY 1.2 billion of sales revenue, handled in tax CNY 0.2 billion and it plans to realize CNY 1.5 billion of sales revenue in 2006.